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Are multiple submissions to PyCon (or tech conferences) OK?

October 24, 2023


Different from academia

Unlike academic conferences and journals, it is common to submit the same talk proposal to multiple PyCon held in different countries/places simultaneously.

For other tech conferences, I have neither participated in nor submitted a talk proposal, so I don’t know the situation. You should check the conference’s website or ask the organizer or experienced people around you.

My case

In 2022, I presented a talk titled “Real-time browser-ready computer vision apps with Streamlit” at EuroPython 2022 and PyCon APAC 2022. This time, I first submitted the talk proposal to PyCon US 2022, then before the result came out, I submitted the same talk proposal to EuroPython and PyCon APAC as well. Because it was my first time to submit a talk proposal to PyCon, I was not sure if it was OK to submit the same talk proposal to multiple PyCon, so I asked the EuroPython and PyCon APAC organizers via e-mails. Then they said it was OK.

After I entered the PyCon sphere, I found that it is actually common. Many people do this, and it is sometimes a good strategy for them to make travel to many countries! (See my related post👉 Conf-driven Traveling✈️).

I wrote this post because I couldn’t find any information clearly answering this question on the Internet.

In 2023, I actually submitted the same talk proposal to multiple PyCon and it was accepted by PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023, PyCon LT, PyCon TW, and PyCon APAC🎉

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