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5 mins talk about Streamlit and real-time video streaming at PyConJP 2021

January 07, 2022

I had an opportunity to have a lightning talk at PyCon JP 20211 and its video has been recorded and published 😃

In this LT, I demonstrated live coding of a real-time video app using Streamlit. Its content is also a part of this post.
The LT also contains live demos of the example apps.

I constructed the talk only with live coding and live demos and did not use any slides.
The first reason is simple; I thought it would be attractive. I think the audience does not listen to the words so much, but they are focused if there are visual/moving things.
The second is that I didn’t have enough time to prepare the talk because the presenters had been selected by lottery about 3 hours before the session. So I decided just to gather existing materials to make the presentation to minimize the amount of time I would waste if I was not selected.

This was the first time for me to have an English talk in front of a public audience (even though it was online this time).
It was not perfect, but a good experience for me 😀 I look forward to the next chance.

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